• Welcome to Xi'an National Integrated Circuit (IC) Design Industrial Center (XAIC for short). Here you will get the one-step information about the semiconductor development,especially IC design industry in northwest of China. We also offer you guidance about how to do business in Xi'an, policies about semiconductor in Xi'an and information about the development of local software, telecommunication and information security.

    Our Purpose: Integrating advantageous resources, constructing innovation platform and cultivating innovation sources.

    Our Mission: Creating perfect environment, consummating service systems and incubating top-ranking enterprises.

    Our Targets: To become an incubating base of IC design enterprises, a platform of production technology innovation and a cradle of talents specialists.

    Cordially welcome to joining us and creating splendid future together!

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Xi'an IC Industry Center


As a subsidiary of Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Technology, XAIC accepts the industry guide and business outsourcing from related governmental authorities, to organize, harmonize, guide, and promote Xi'an IC industry development. XAIC also bulid, manage, and serve XAICC. To integrate the advantage resources, build supporting platform, and foster innovation spring, with the mission to create good environment, improve service system, provide the best service, XAIC has become local IC industry service and cooperation platform.





Contact Us

  • Tel: 86-29-88328230
  • Fax: 86-29-88316024


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